Explore the Team Accountability Dashboard, the technology, strategy and systems for high-productivity output

A Culture of Collaboration & Shared Responsibility

A Shared Vision Driven by Purpose

Start with WHY, the purpose of each team project. Then define the goals, including the team vision and behaviours. This is how you all wish to BE along the journey.

Team Driven Collaboration

How you will communicate and share information in the cloud, to ensure you avoid email. To update, comment, support and empower teamwork & build trust.

Automation Technology

The systems and automation sequences, driven by technology to enhance time efficiency and enable a high-productivity culture of higher work output.

Self-Managing Teams

Shared responsibility and focus, driven by good project management systems and sharing, to create greater transparency & accountability, with natural leadership from within the team.


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About Us

Unboxed Team Productivity is a team productivity program helping integrate people performance and purpose, with the team strategy, systems and leadership for a high-productivity culture of excellence.

This is achieved by linking best practices collaboration systems and automation tools, with the right leadership strategy, to build a more enjoyable team culture, with everybody engaged to do more as the natural result. All aligned and in-tune with a successful mindset, inspired by their leaders.
Supported by the automation and systems for vastly higher team output.

We are a new breed of productivity agency, without big flashy offices, dart boards and pool tables, we all work from home using the collaboration technology we recommend to our clients, to ensure a high productivity team output and culture. This gives us more agility, more efficiency, so we can better focus on getting you results. Which is important as we love helping you sell more.

Unboxed Team Productivity is the leadership and team strategy unit of Unboxed Performance. Helping businesses grow their people performance, productivity and revenue with the automation and culture to achieve well beyond the normal boundaries of team success.

The Unboxed Performance Managing Director, Robert C Robertson, is sometimes known as the CPO (Chief Productivity Officer) or CTO (Chief Strategy Officer) click here to read the all the team profiles. We have people based in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Syndey.

To learn if an external view of your leadership and team strategy and systems could boost your team effectiveness. Click here to learn more or follow this link to book a free discovery session today. 

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